What’s an Artist CV?

What’s an Artist CV?

A CV and a resume are two different formats of resumes. A CV stands for curriculum vitae. It is a Latin term that can be translated into, “the course of my life.” It is a comprehensive documentation of someone’s career. A CV can have an unlimited number of pages, the space used is to track your career. The longest CV I have seen was 18 pages.

Resume translated means “summary,” and is a shortened, tailored version of your CV. A resume is approximately one or two pages but does not have more pages than two.

Which do I use? If you are applying for a grant, the application will tell you the length restrictions of the resume. For many applications and opportunities, you will be using your resume. When a page requirement is not listed, go ahead and use your CV. A CV will give a comprehensive look at your career and can provide a better snapshot of your creative capabilities. A CV is also a good document to have on your online portfolio or website.

Revisions and Updates:  Update your resume or CV every month. Every time you have an opportunity,  a show, or another type of update, quickly refresh your resume so you do not need to overhaul it. Spend 5 minutes adding a few details and save yourself a whole weekend reworking your CV or resume. Below is a snapshot of my computer files. I change the name of the CV document to the date when I make the revisions.  I save all my old CVs and resumes in a folder that is also out of the way while keeping my active document in an easily accessible location.

When you are applying for a specific opportunity, save the title of the opportunity in the name of the document. Like a job resume, you will often have to make specific alterations to the content and format to showcase your career in a specific way that is asked of you in the opportunity. This allows me to save past CVs so if I ever need to go back and reference what I had or need to resubmit or reprint a version, I have the original document. This tactic will also keep you organized.

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