12 Things I learned in 2018

12 Things I learned in 2018

Even though the New Year is all about the resolutions and goal setting, I learned a lot during 2018. Reflecting and noting accomplishments is an important part of ringing in the New Year. I wanted to begin this year with a list of what I learned in 2018 and what I hope to bring into this year. This list will help remind me of the creative lessons I learned and maybe they will help you too!

1. Consistent messaging is better than no messaging. Use all the channels you’ve got and put it out there! Market more than you think.

2. Rest is so important – for projects & goals that are the long haul and for your health. (And don’t plan a website redesign during surgery recovery.)

3. Dial down perfectionism  – Obsessing and focusing about a something that isn’t a top goal means less time at the studio & art making.

4. Never apologize for your art work – If someone is offended, let it be offensive. Offensive sells, it sells well.

5. Make more work…art work.

6. Batch everything – Break stuff down into steps, batch the work, and automate or make a system.

7. Sometimes you need to say “no” more than once: Stick to your intuition. Repeat no as needed.

8. Tackle the stress head on to build security and reduce the anxiety. Walking, art making, journaling Morning Pages, and time also helps.

9. Do what’s WORTH it. Worth the money. Worth your energy. Worth the time. Know you’re worth.

10. Always ask: How are you pushing the boundaries? When you push to point of unsure or uncomfortable, then you are growing.

11. Don’t forget to make time for the things you love.

12. Stick to YOUR goals – don’t let other people’s goals pull you in or derail your plan.


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