Artist Website Planning Tool

Artist Website Planning Tool

Need a jump start to get your website created? I created this free artist website planning tool to help artists and creatives determine their website needs. Perfect for a new website (or even a website refresh)!

It’s a simple checklist to look at your options to see what you want to include and prioritize on your website. It also includes spaces to insert custom ideas that fit perfectly with your brand. As you browse and research other competitors’ websites, take notes, and add to the checklist when you see an element you also want to include on your website.

Use this tool to keep you organized as you begin to build and design your site. What is great about this website planning too is that you can also use this if you are working with a web designer to help communicate your site needs. Being clear about your needs and website wants can also help a designer provide you with an accurate quote too!

Click to get the free website planning tool….you don’t even need to give me your email to get it, I promise!

If you already have a website, what tools and resources did you use when you were making your site or working with a designer? Comment below and share your resources and suggestions!

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