Want to Know my Word of the Year?

Want to Know my Word of the Year?

For the past few years, I have been choosing a word to help guide my goals and actions surrounding my business and personal life. This blog post will help guide you through determining your word of the year, and I will share my word with you too!

Choosing Your Word

Determine recurring themes or ideas. Sometimes the word or thing that we want isn’t what we need. Think of your goals and intention for the year and zoom out, get big picture. Choose a word of the year that encompasses both your personal and business trajectory.

Sometimes it’s less about you choosing a word, but a word-finding you. Does something keep bubbling up in your life? Any patterns?

Draw from many sources for inspiration when seeking a word. There are quizzes online to help determine words but know that the results of a quiz may not be what you actually need in life. Quizzes online are easy to make and maybe skewed by the author or designer.

Shifting Words & Timing

Let your words shift. You might start out thinking about a certain word, but it may change during the year. There are no rules here! A “word of the year” doesn’t have to last an entire year – think of it as seasonal or bi-annual. It also doesn’t have to start in January. Think of the word as a guiding star to follow. Once you reach your destination, it will be a good time to reflect and think about the next step, goals, or word to support you along the next leg of the journey.

Keep it Simple & Specific

If you choose one word that aligns with the big picture goal you have for yourself. It’s harder to be intentional when you have multiple words or words for different areas of your life. Approach this from an all-encompassing and holistic view. What’s the common thread between your personal and professional life that needs focus, development, and a bit of magic?

Make Your Word Actionable

While it’s nice to have a guiding theme or word in your year, find ways to take action towards inviting that word further. I make my word actionable by signing up for events, webinars, and workshops that align with my word. Getting events and tasks on your calendar is a commitment!

One year my word was health, so I signed up and placed some workout classes on my calendar to support my health. This year my word is: invest, so I signed up with an investing class. Support your word with committed actions to keep it at the forefront of your mind.

Word Play

Play around with your word to take it even further. You may be surprised to see how deep of a connection you can get.

  • Find ways to apply it to areas of your life
  • Consider the opposite or antonym of the word and how that might apply
  • Explore metaphors that relate to your word
  • Look at famous quotes or phrases
  • Be inspired by songs or poems that use your word

Visual Reminders

Vision boards, the background of cell phones, jewelry, post-it notes on your mirror are simple ways to send yourself daily reminders of your word and intention. Find ways to continue to cultivate that word and intend for it to show up for you.

Sharing Your Word

Sharing your word with others can help manifest the intention behind it. Be careful to share your word purposefully and with those who can support rather than disregard it. Sharing your word isn’t an opportunity for others to judge or criticize your choice of word or the work behind it. Protect your word and share with those who will help you actualize it.

This year, I chose the word: invest. I view invest as purposeful focus and energy towards a goal (money or non-money related). While invest tends to be associated with money, I used wordplay to explore how this word can impact other ways of my life. I decided to use this word to consider how I invest in my business, my health, and my time. I also think about where I am investing too much time or energy and not reaping the benefits from the effort of my investments.

So, now that I shared my word of the year, comment below and tell me what your word is!

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