About Kate

Hi. I am Kate!

Most days you can find me hiding in my studio working on business strategies. I am an artist, blogger, teacher, and mentor. I also just finished my Masters of Art and Cultural Management so I can pursue my career in museum work. 

I love collecting brass antiques, scary movies, pugs, and my pea-green velvet couch! You will always catch me with a cup of coffee in hand! 

But I wasn’t always business savvy, in fact, just a few years ago you would have found me miserable at my retail day job trying to get traction in my art career and planning my retail escape plan.

I knew art school didn’t prepare me with the skills I needed to get where I wanted to go and I was hungry to learn more. I had to stop waiting for opportunities to show up and I needed to start trying new strategies to grow my business. 

While I did go to college and get my degree in art, this college degree did not prepare me for the business requirements it takes to be an artist. I learned very quickly that I needed to be my own teacher. I dove into books, workshops, mentorships, and podcasts trying to absorb and apply as many business strategies as I could.

I should have known the girl who would have Kool-Aid stands for 5 cents and coordinated yard sales selling crafts would become a creative entrepreneur.

Looking back I realized that miserable job in retail, helped lay the foundation for strong operational skills I needed to run a small business. And the lack of education in college was the fire I needed to start sourcing my own education.

After all this work, I’ve learned a thing or two. And I want to share all of my insights, strategies, and tips with you! I am so excited to use this creative digital space to offer free business tips to artists and other small businesses. I am super passionate about helping others find success while following our true creative passion.

Reach out and say hi if you love the content I am sharing here. I would like to hear from you. Connect with me at: katerenee@katerenee.com

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